Decal Photos

Mercy in Bronze.

A friend of a friend contacted me out of thin air, said he got my number from a previous client. He wanted a set of decals for his all black bike, knew the design of them, but wasn't quite sure about the details. I was able to use his pre-made illustrator files, and some bronze vinyl I have to produce a truly unique, and beautifully matched set of decals.

All For Paws.

Up on NW 23rd avenue, theres a cosy little pet shop with the most fantastic selection of healthy foods and fun toys for your pets. Check it out, and be sure to give the decals around the window a notice!

21st Avenue Bicycles.

I was granted the opportunity to make the decals for both 21st avenue and its sister store Fat tire farm. Sadly, the window was broken and the decal no longer stands, but it definitely stood proud.


The aluminum frame that fit. I decided that the theme would be breast cancer awareness, and so pink it was. King headset, velocity peeps, and a sugino chainring tie this beautiful build together. I had to part with the bike, but I'll always remember it as the perfect long distance fixed gear bike.

Fat Tire Farm.

Up on 27th and NW Therman, you'll find the best mountain bike shop around. Its a small little place, but the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. As with 21st avenue's sign, the door decal was replaced.

Leader 725-tr

My Introduction into the Leader company brought me the 725-tr. I loved the purple anodized aluminum frame, and wanted to display an acronym for Leader. I chose El Presidente, and feel that it fit perfectly with this frame. The decal was made using a brushed aluminum vinyl.


Vinyl designs on a 1974 BMW 2002. This is my personal vehicle and I wanted to express myself with a variety of decals.


A few designs for some laptop decals that I have come up with.




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